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From time to time our customers will contact us with questions or comments about our waxworm and mealworm breeder kits or our other wax worm and mealworm supplies. By posting their comments or questions and our answers we thought it would be a great way for potential customers to learn more about our products. Current customers could find answers to questions they may have also. To buy any of our products just click on any of the blue BUY IT NOW buttons through out our web site.



WAXWORM BREEDER KIT by Louise Bell Date Added: Tuesday 04 October, 2005
Ok where do I begin. I was tired of paying the high price of wax worms at my local pet store and was equally tired of finding the quality of the worms was less than fresh. Half the time the store didn't even have them available.

So I looked on the web and found this website that promised I would never have to buy another wax worm again. I bought it and set it up. Since I can be impatient I wrote to Dan at customer service. This man has to have the patience of a saint. I wrote and asked a million questions because I wanted this to work! He wrote back every single time and was kind and answered even my craziest questions about if I was doing it all correctly. He promised me to just wait and it would work.

Well I waited and guess what I have more FRESH wonderful waxworms than I know what to do with. This kit is easy to set up, clean and no smell at all. Instructions are clear and the customer service is beyond the best I have dealt with in a long time. If you never want to buy another wax worm or be at the mercy of the pet stores prices, then BUY THIS KIT. I promise you it works. My lizards are getting fresh home grown worms and that is the best I can ask for. Thanks Dan you get A+++++++ from me.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

BREEDING MATERIAL BLOCK by Louise Bell Date Added: Tuesday 04 October, 2005
What a great and clean way to have the wax worm moths lay their eggs. This stuff works great and very clean to use. Way to go!
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

WAXWORM BREEDER KIT by Dave Jones Date Added: Sunday 18 December, 2005
Wow works great!! Breeder kit worked just as stated. More wax worms then I know what to do with. Fast shipping too.
Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]


Hey Guys!
You weren’t kidding when you said thousands of wax worms! I’m gonna have more trout in my freezer this year for sure! I have a technical question for you. The babies are spinning “webs” and are difficult to remove as the bedding is stuck together. I didn’t notice any webs from the waxworms you provided with the kit. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I need to do to get them to stop with the webs?

Thank you,
Randy Wiggins
Sylva, NC

Hi Randy
Glad to hear you are having great success with our Waxworm Breeder Kit. In regard to your question about controlling the spinning, I suggest you try our method. When the juvenile worms get close to adult size we freeze them for about 7 minutes to kill the spinner glands. We have had fair luck with that method. You would need to play with the time as all freezers are not the same. Let us know what works for you. Another option would be just pulling the clump of wax worms apart and shaking it so they fall out. Good luck with the trout fishing.

Best Bet Inc.

I purchased the Waxworm Breeder Kit around Christmas set it up right away everything has gone according to your directions except getting waxworms. I have lots of dead moths laying on bottom its been almost 3 weeks and all I see is little white specs on back of breeder block I was wondering if this was normal and if I'm just being impatient?

Thank you,
Shane Millard
Coloma, WI

Hi Shane
Sounds like everything is going just right for you. If you have lots of dead moths you will have or already do have lots of baby wax worms. It will take about a week for them to hatch after the moths die. Remember SMALL micro small are the baby wax worms and are very hard to see as are the eggs. Look for them in the food or on the sides of the container. The white specs on the back of breeder block could be eggs or how do we say baby wax worm droppings. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to get through a cycle you are only about 3 weeks into it. Patience every thing will be fine. Let me know how it goes.

Best Bet Inc.

Hi, I purchased your kit a few months ago, and everything is working great. The only problem I am having is I can't figure out how to stop the wax worms from spinning web cocoons. I placed them in my basement which is between 50 and 60 degrees to store them and they still all made cocoons within two weeks. Do I need a colder temperature than this? I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me out with this problem.

Thank you,
Jeremy Pearson
Randolph, NY

Hi Jeremy
The only way to stop them spinning is to freeze them it will kill the spinner glands. You will need to play with how long you freeze them as all freezers are different. About 7 minutes works fair for us. Some have there freezers set right at freezing and put them in for about 8 hours. Seems like a long time to me but if it works for them so be it.

Best Bet Inc.

received kit on 04/18/06 and things went well till past few days. Kit began to gather moisture. Moving to cooler place did not solve problem. Removed lid and removed moisture with paper towels. Added little food and reclosed. moisture again. repeat above to cool down placed in front of fan. now on kitchen table in front of fan.still gathers moisture. really gets hot from bottom. is this normal? cant leave lid off because of super small worms make their way to top. spinning webs like crazy. will this hurt? please help. thanks,

Ellis Hendrix
Theodore, AL

Hi Ellis
Sounds like you had a really good hatch. I think you have a over crowding problem. This will make it get hot on the bottom from baby wax worm body heat. Put half of the bigger wax worms in another container with some food. that should take care of the moisture problem. Spinning webs is normal and will not hurt anything to stop it you need to freeze the wax worms when they get close to full size. 7 minutes works for us but you will need to play with it with your freezer.

Best Bet Inc.

I recently purchased a breeder kit from you and now have a very nice batch of wax worms and am wondering if it is normal for them to build a web around the bedding block? Thank you for any help you can give me
All of God's blessings to you,
Ed Rhyndress
Fremont, MI

Hi Ed
Glad to hear you had a good hatch of new wax worms. Yes, it is normal for them to spin webs around the breeder block and around the food too. You can find more help by going to your costumer page that we post questions and answers such as yours. http://waxwormkit.com/customers.html

Best Bet Inc.

We are interested in using your waxworm breeder kit in our science classes here at our school. We would be interested in about 4 kits. Can you give us a price break on 4 kits? We would also be interested in buying some extra supplies for future batches. I own one of your kits for my personal use and love it. I am spreading the word about your product and many friends and fellow teachers are interested. Thanks.
Also have a question about the breeder block. Can you use it over again or is it only good for one batch?
Does it make a difference if the light is always on or always off?
How do I know if I need to add more food for the baby worms?
Thanks for all your help. You have a great product.

Sincerely, Jerry Goedderz, Royalton Schools.
Royalton, MN

Hi Jerry
Glad to hear you are happy with our kit. We have had other schools and universities order our kits. If you order 4 kits for the school we will pay for the shipping if you place the order by phone only.
The breeder block can be used over. Just brush it off the best you can.
Yes, some light is fine but they should be in the dark at night. The moths like the dark
Add more food if it looks like just powder and the babies start climbing up the sides of the container.

Best Bet Inc.

I have 3 of your waxworm breeding kits and I LOVE THEM. My bearded dragon babies love eating small waxworms since they usually throw up the larger ones. I was wondering if you had a refill package for the kits (food, blocks, worms) instead of buying it all seperate? I swear by your kits and tell everyone about them. I was also curious as to why your worms that I breed are so acive and climb anything? For years I have bought wax worms from suppliers in bulk and they are lazy and die quick. What is the difference?

Thanks DiAnn Monkhouse

Hi DiAnn,

I am glad you are having good luck with your 3 waxworm breeder kits. We do not sell components of the kits as a package at this time, however, you can buy replacement supplies as needed. You should not need to purchase additional waxworms for your breeder kit. You can start your kit over with waxworms from the last batch that you raised. As far as your waxworms being so active & healthy, it is always better to have home grown fresh waxworms or from a grower like us as opposed to waxworms purchased through any vendor, that may be weeks old. .

Best Bet Inc.

Just letting you know that your waxworms are the best waxworms I have ever, ever bought. Shipped to Canada, four fishing trips, five weeks of storage in butter container in fridge and still going strong. Just thought that I would send my gratitude and happieness at the quality of your service and product. Will order more for ice fishing as well as spring fishing for panfish. You can use this as a testimonial if you like. But just thought I would send my kudos.

Glen Mayor
P.S. Will recommend your product and website to anyone.

Hi Glen
Thanks for the feedback and recommendations

Best Bet Inc.

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